10 Questions and Answers About Tantric Massage

1. Will I Orgasm During a Tantric Massage?

Yes, you can climax during the tantric massage session, even though it’s not the only intended purpose. As a matter of fact, you can experience multiple orgasms in quick succession.

2. Will I Be Naked?

Yes, you’ll strip and lie naked on the massage table for the masseuse to provide life-changing tantric massage therapy. Nudity is the first step to surrendering yourself to the masseuse and whatever tantra techniques they plan to use. It builds your self-awareness and helps you centre on yourself and the moment.

3. How Do I Prepare for a Tantric Massage?

Unlike other massages, tantric massage is extremely intense and intimate. You must prepare adequately for the experience. To start, you should groom yourself to boost your mood and confidence. You can trim the hair on your body, get a facial treatment, and go for manicures and pedicures.

Next, ensure there’s a clean room with enough space for outcall services. These will make it easy for the masseuse to set up and start the massage session.

Empty your bowels to avoid getting the urge to relieve yourself when the session starts heating up. Later, take a warm bath and clean every inch of your body. The shower will also help you relax.

Rest well and hydrate adequately the day before the massage. Also, you can drink some water on the scheduled date, but only a small amount to avoid filling your bladder.

Lastly, avoid anything that might stress you out and keep off any drugs and addictive substances in the days leading to the massage. These will ensure your mind stays clear to feel every sensation and enjoy each moment.

4. What Are the Effects of Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage therapy has the following effects on your body, mind, and soul.

  • Mindblowing sensual pleasure – Tantric massage awakens your sexual energy and causes whole-body sensual arousal. And, since there’s no focus or expectation to climax, you stay in a perpetual orgasmic trance.
  • Improved relaxation – Tantric massage helps to calm your nerves and relieve muscle tension, thus leading to reduced stress levels and anxiety.
  • Improved mindfulness – Tantric massage helps you block out distractions and focus on the moment. It elevates your sensual awareness, thus improving your experience and performance.
  • Heals past trauma – Tantric massage uses your internal energies to unlock blockages and release you from past traumas. 

5. What Do You Expect During a Tantra Session?

First, tantric massage is practised in the sacred spirit of tantra. It’s deeply sensual and spiritual but devoid of any sexual expectations. The giver incorporates slow and intimate massage motions, mindfulness, breathwork, and eye gazing to stimulate and harmonize the receiver’s physical and spiritual existence.

The tantric massage specialists use their expertise to trigger internal energy channels for a powerful healing and pleasurable experience. Usually, the masseuse starts with regular massage rub-downs to relax your muscles and warm you up. Next, they’ll focus on your erogenous zones and channel the sensual energy through the entire body.

You’ll experience a profound orgasmic sensation, deep healing and relaxation, spiritual rejuvenation, and mindblowing discoveries within your body.

6. Does Tantric Massage Include Sexual Contact?

Tantric massage is a full-body sensual massage that adheres to the age-old tantra principles and practices. It focuses on arousing and using your sensual energy for pleasure, exploration, and healing. However, it doesn’t involve sexual contact.

7. What’s the Difference Between Tantric and Sensual Massage?

Sensual massage focuses on sexual arousal and climax, while tantric massage channels different elements to achieve a holistic and pleasurable awakening. You’re not expected to release. Instead, tantric massage takes you on an explorative journey of your physical, mental, and spiritual existence.

8. Why Do People Get Tantric Massages?

People get tantric massages for various reasons. While some would try it out of curiosity, others would want to achieve the following:

  • Profound sensual pleasure.
  • Deep calm and relaxation.
  • Stress relief.
  • Enhanced connection with their partner.
  • Improved mindfulness.
  • Explore the edges of their eroticism.

9. Can I Touch the Masseuse During the Massage?

No, you shouldn’t touch the masseuse during your tantric massage. For one, it’s against the tantric principles whereby the masseuse is the giver while you’re the receiver. Therefore, she’s the only one allowed to do the touching and guide you through the process. When you attempt to touch the masseuse, you disrupt the process and inhibit its success.

Secondly, any contact by the clients towards the masseuses is a disregard for the set boundaries, which is unprofessional and could lead to the termination of our engagement.

10. What’s the Best Tantric Massage After-Care?

At the end of the tantric massage session, you could ask the masseuse for any insights or observations that might help in future. You can also tell them about your experience.

Next, take a warm shower and find a quiet place to reflect and nap. Lucky for you if you booked an outcall at your premises or hotel room. You’ll move to a comfortable spot and lie down. Nevertheless, if you went for an incall, you should’ve made prior transportation arrangements to avoid the hassle of driving yourself. Try not to do anything else, like going to the club.


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