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Yoni Tantric Massage In London

The Go-to Yoni Tantric Massage Specialists in London

Yoni and tantric massages are closely related. Essentially, Yoni massage is a practice of tantric massage therapy since the Yoni or vulva is one of the 7 chakras of the body. Therefore, our yoni tantric massage combines all the elements of both massages to give you a highly fulfilling sensual and spiritual experience.

We have skilled and professional massage specialists with years of experience in Yoni tantric massages. They know how to bring out your sensual energy using a series of physical and emotional practices and utilizing its power to provide pleasure and healing. You can trust us to guide you through one of the most intense and highly rewarding sensual massages.

What Goes Into Yoni Tantric Massage Therapy?

The Yoni tantric massage focuses mainly on the vulva and pelvic flow area. However, our masseuses take time to get you in the right frame of mind and emotions. So, we usually create a calm and relaxing ambience using candles, incense, and soothing music.

Next, we give a full body massage to relieve muscle tension and make the client comfortable. Then, we help you control your breathing because it keeps you present to feel every sensation and emotion.

Once you’re ready, the masseuse gets more sensual by massaging your breasts and playing with the nipples. Slowly, she’ll proceed to the groin area and circle the vulva to stimulate your clitoris. After a few minutes, she’ll use other techniques like pushing and pulling on the clitorial shaft to build up the sensation.

Throughout the session, our masseuses maintain open communication to understand your feelings and the effectiveness of their actions. This helps them adjust the techniques in real time for optimal results.

When you get fully aroused and surrender to the masseuse, the masseuse will get into your G-spot for the final erotic play. You may experience multiple orgasms, but that isn’t the goal. As a matter of fact, the masseuse focuses more on intensifying the sensual and emotional energy to provide internal healing.

Talking of healing, let’s see what you gain from the massage.

The Benefits of Yoni Tantric Massage

Like our other massages, the Yoni tantric massage therapy has many benefits. These are.

  • Promotes healing – With the Yoni being a source of powerful sensual energies, a Yoni tantric massage awakens all the energies, then releases the negative energy and utilizes the positive ones to rejuvenate and heal the body and soul.
  • Improves your sex life – The Yoni tantric massage makes the woman and her desires the centre of attention. As a result, she focuses on learning and discovering her sensuality. Ultimately, she’ll know what works for her and how to incorporate it into her sex life.
  • Better orgasms – Even though climaxing isn’t the goal during a Yoni tantric massage session, the intense sensual stimulation builds up to a mind-blowing release. Some women would even experience multiple orgasms, which is rare when engaging in sex with their partners.
  • Boosts self-confidence and awareness – The Yoni tantric massage helps women connect with their inner selves and appreciate who they are. It builds up their confidence, leading to a significant improvement in their lives.

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