My sensual four-hands tantric massage experience

I was always sceptical about massage therapy and its numerous benefits to the body, mind, and soul. As far as I was concerned, massages were just an excuse for sex-deprived men and women to receive happy endings. Well, all that changed when Steve, my work colleague, offered to pay for my first tantric massage treatment.

It was my first time hearing about tantric massage, so I thought he was coming up with random names to make it sound complex. But, he was so sure the session would be life-changing that he offered to pay me a certain amount if I genuinely didn’t like it.

“You might as well credit my account right now,” I said, maintaining my hard stance.

“Let’s wait and see,” he replied. “In fact, I’ll do you one better and pay for the four-hands tantric massage.”

He gave me a light explanation of the four-hands massage and how it’s performed. For a moment, I got excited but imagined it would probably be double the disappointment.

Nevertheless, I still contacted the masseuses after Steve sent me a link to their website. After confirming the booking, he sent me the money, including tips for the ladies. His newfound generosity surprised me. He was determined to prove me wrong, and I was more than happy to prove him otherwise.

“We should probably donate this money to charity,” I told him as I left the office that evening.

He smiled and said, “See you on Monday after your four-hands tantric massage experience. I’m sure you’ll have a different opinion.”

The massage was scheduled for the next day, Saturday at 4.00 PM. I was eager to meet the gorgeous masseuses but had low expectations for the massage session. Still, I spent the evening grooming and following the massage preparation tips recommended by Steve.

I woke up early on Saturday morning, did my laundry and ate a late breakfast while watching re-runs of my favourite sitcom. The masseuse called to confirm our massage session and said they were ready for me.

As the time approached, I picked the most comfortable clothes in my wardrobe, dressed up, and requested an Uber ride. The driver arrived within two minutes, and we left for the incall premises. It was on the other side of town. The neighbourhood was luxurious, serene, and private.

After 30 minutes, we pulled up at the gate. Anne, one of the masseuses, was there to welcome us. She had a warm and bubble personality inside her beautiful body and pretty smile. I paid the Uber driver, and Anned led me into the expansive compound. I couldn’t help but marvel at the landscaping beauty that stretched from the gate to the house. Starting with the long stretch of beautiful flowers on the side of the pavement, the well-manicured lawn, and the tall trees that provided a cool shadow underneath.

As we approached the house, Ivy, the second masseuse, met us at the door.

She smiled as she opened her arms wide for a hug. I enjoyed her warm embrace and wished it lasted longer. She smelled nice.

“I hope you’ve had a lovely day so far Mr Henry. We’re about to make it much better,” she said as she broke the embrace and looked into my eyes.

“Well, I’m all yours,” I said as she led the way into the house. Anne was lighting the candles, and I smelled a hint of sandalwood. The set-up was magical. I was in awe as I walked into the space.

I sat on the only couch in the room, and Anne came and lowered her petite frame next to me. She explained how tantric massage works, how they’ll perform it, its limitations, what they expect from me, and everything in between. She asked about my boundaries and expectations and was surprised when I told her I had none. 

“We like a good challenge,” she said and winked at Ivy, who had appeared from another room wearing a bathrobe.

“Here, this one is yours,” she stretched out a white towel. “Come, let’s freshen up, then get started,” she added.

I stood up, took the towel and followed her through a hallway. After a couple of steps, she opened the door to the right and ushered me into a spacious bathroom. I undressed and gave her my clothes which she took to the living room. 

She returned moments later together with Anne. Without a word, they loosened their bathrobes and joined me in the shower. Anne turned on the warm water, and they started caressing my skin as the water cascaded from my head to my lower limbs.

Slowly, they lathered soap on my back and chest simultaneously and washed every inch of my skin.

I experienced both calm and deep arousal from their sensual touches. By the time they reached my pubic area, I had a full erection, and my balls twitched incessantly. Finally, they were done and asked me to dry myself and go to the living area.

I went and lay my body on the massage table and waited for them to come. Fortunately, the table featured a soft bedding material. So, I didn’t feel any discomfort straightening my hard-on between my thighs and lying down.

After a few minutes, Anne and Ivy entered the room and took their positions on either side of the table. While Ivy took me through a breathing sequence to help me relax and be present, Anne fetched the massage oil.

As my mind centred on the present moment, I felt the warm massage oil hit my skin, and two pairs of soft hands started to spread it all over. One pair of hands moved to the upper body while the other focused on the lower body. I now realised why it was called the four-hands massage.

They pressed, rubbed, and circled every muscle, thus easing up any tension and blockages. My nerves relaxed, and I felt a huge relief. Ivy kept reminding me to maintain the breathing sequence.

It didn’t take long for the wave of sensual energy to charge up and spread through the freed nerves. I was sleeping into orgasmic bliss, and every touch pushed me to the edge of climax. It got intense when they started massaging my glutes and inner thighs. My breathing became heavy, and I surrendered fully to their tantric expertise.

When they asked me to turn around, I was having a complete out-of-body experience. Like clockwork, they continued their sensual onslaught on my body and spirit. I was enjoying every single second.

My senses were alive, and my spirit was energized. I experienced mindblowing sensations in non-erogenous zones, and it surprised me. The masseuses were thrilled with their work and turned things up. I couldn’t suppress the moan any longer. When they took turns to massage my prostate, I groaned. 

I could feel my heartbeat at the tip of my dick and every nerve on my body. The energy was almost exploding out of my body. I wanted to scream and beg the masseuses to help me release, but I couldn’t utter the words.

My entire body was in an erotic trance. The ladies massaged me into sensual submission. I allowed myself to experience every moment and explore my sensuality to its maximum. I felt my head clear up, my heart became lighter, and my body rejuvenated. It was a rollercoaster of emotions.

Slowly, the masseuses eased up the pressure and intensity, and my body calmed down. Also, the arousal subsided, and I lay on the table for a while, enjoying the tranquillity.

“How was it,” Anne asked when I opened my eyes.

“I have no words,” I said. She smiled and turned to wink at Ivy.

We cleaned up together again before I paid and thanked them for the service. To show my appreciation, I doubled the tip money from Steve. Before leaving, I assured them I’ll book another four-hands tantric massage soon.

When I got home that evening, I had the best sleep of my life. By Monday, I felt good—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I found Steve waiting for me at the entrance of the office. I greeted him and said, “You should’ve introduced me to Tantra earlier.”


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