Long-Term Effects of Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is one of the most impactful massage therapies for individuals and couples. It offers numerous physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. In this article, we’ll take you through the long-term effects of tantric massage to help you understand its value. 

But first, what is tantric massage?

It is a highly sensual whole-body massage that incorporates traditional tantra elements and practices to awaken your sexual energy and use it to unlock blockages, calm nerves and muscles, and connect to your spiritual core. Even though it involves intense sensual pleasure and orgasms, the two are not the primary aim of the massage.

That said, here are the long-term effects of tantric massage.

1. Pain Relief

Usually, tantric massage starts like all regular massages, where the masseuse rubs and applies pressure on different muscles to relieve tension. In the process, they inadvertently alleviate the pain of sore muscles. If you suffer from chronic pain in specific areas of the body, you can inform the tantric therapist so that they can focus on that region during the massage.

With time, the physical pain subsides significantly and leaves you rejuvenated. As such, you can resume your daily duties with more vigour.

2. Remove Blockages

Tantric massage uses your erotic energy to clear all manner of blockages. Be it physical, emotional, mental, sexual, or psychological. The giver energizes and arouses the seven chakras and directs them tactfully, ensuring energy spread throughout the body.

Immediately, you become one with the giver and surrender to the moment. The energy flows seamlessly to your core, removes negative energy, and frees accumulated blockages from past traumas. As a result, you’ll experience a range of intense emotions that culminate in a wholesome sense of freedom, relief, and rejuvenation.

3. Boost Self-Esteem

Part of tantric massage practice involves stripping naked and surrendering to the giver of the massage. As such, it helps you grow your confidence and trust significantly. You get to appreciate and discover your body in a totally different light. Also, the energy flow removes any traumatic experiences that might be inhibiting your confidence.

Slowly, your self-esteem improves profoundly and impacts different areas of your life. Including and not limited to your social, professional, love, and even sex life. 

4. Better Sleep

By relieving tension and anxiety and helping a receiver experience deep relaxation, tantric massage inadvertently leads to better and longer sleep. With time, it helps to alleviate insomnia, triggering other long-term gains like improved concentration and productivity, better mood, weight control, healthier heart, et al.

5. Improve Sexual Health and Performance

In addition to activating and cleansing energy channels in your body, tantric massage involves lingam and yoni massages that focus solely on erogenous zones. These massages help to alleviate underlying sexual issues like erectile dysfunction.

Tantric massage trains you to focus on the holistic sensual sensations instead of the climax. As a result, it intensifies intimacy and performance. You’ll be able to experience strong erections, last longer, and enjoy mind-blowing orgasms.

6. Spiritual and Soul Awakening

Tantric massage touches the deepest layers of your human existence and helps you connect with your soul and spirit. It awakens your core and enables you to tap into the core of your existence. As a result, you become self-aware of your feelings and emotions and their impact on your life and others.

This realization puts you in control of your life and enables you to make better choices in different situations. Ultimately, you’ll be able to impact positive transformations in your life and the society at large.

7. Discover Your Orgasmic Potential

Tantric massage unleashes your sexual energy and spreads it through every nerve in your body. It results in a whole-body orgasmic feeling that leads to unexplored erotic pleasures. The fact that an orgasmic release is not the target of the massage helps further to test your boundaries and limits while enjoying every sensation.

8. Promote Overall Well-Being

Overall, tantric massage leads to better health in the long run. Thanks to the massage’s ability to open energy passageways and nerves, the receiver experiences improved circulation. This will then lead to an increased supply of nutrients and energy to all body parts.

Therefore, cells regenerate and heal faster, and body parts function optimally. As such, you’re less likely to fall sick or feel low if you schedule regular Erotic massage services


If you need a reason to try out tantric massage therapy, the long-term positive effects listed above are more than enough. However, you must find a skilled and experienced tantric massage specialist to ensure you receive quality service. It should be someone who not only knows about tantra principles and elements but also understands sensual energy and how to control it.

Good tantra therapists will help you achieve both short-term and long-term benefits of tantric massage in a calm, relaxed, and pleasurable way.


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